Safety and Security

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Safety and Security Film

When it comes to the safety of your family or employees, only the best products will do. If you would like to prevent glass injuries in your home or workplace, 3M safety and security film is the perfect solution. Vigorously tested in a range of situations, including storms, flying debris and even bomb blasts, you can be sure you are choosing a product that will meet and exceed industry standards. Offering superior tear and impact resistance, your family or workers are completely protected in any situation.

Whether it is for the family home, the office or even medical facilities, safety and security film offers great peace of mind. Unlike unprotected glass, windows fitted with the film will not shatter and coat the floor, which can often lead to cuts and other injuries of people inside. This is particularly beneficial in cases of potential intruders who want to make their way into your property, or during severe storms when window damage is probable.



As well as offering improved security for your premises, we can also provide customers with anti-graffiti solutions to protect the appearance of their property. SafetyZone anti-graffiti film provides an invisible layer that prevents scratches and can be easily wiped clean using regular cleaning materials. This is perfect for buildings that are commonly being targeted by vandals using spray paints and markers.

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